Roundup: Green @ Home

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We're already halfway through Green @ Home Month, but there's still time for you to submit your green moves. What are the simple, little things you do to live greener at home? Jump below to see what we've covered so far.

TannerAdair's Bottling Effort
Rebecca G's Green Move
Jen's House
Jackie's Green Lifestyle
Anjuli's Personal (Shared) Garden
Yash's Urban Greenhouse
Cal's Very Green Drying Rack
Matt's Power Plan
Lara's Gone Green
Joe's New Place

Grow Your Own Food
East German Steel Net Bag at Kiosk
Use a Rain Barrel
Use a Power Strip!
My Reusable Shopping Bag
Environmentally Friendly DIY Projects
Reducing Our Water Usage
Gregory & Emily's Green Garden Makeover
The Bokashi Composter and Update
Turning Off the Lights
Maxwell's First Four Moves
Saving While Shaving
It's in the Materials
Simple Small Steps, Part 2
Simple Small Steps

There's more info about how to submit your green moves here.

Images (clockwise, from top left): Jackie's Green Lifestyle; Joe's New Place; Jen's House; Anjuli's Personal (Shared) Garden