Inspiring Green Home Tours
Maxwell Ryan
Aug 9, 2010
When Apartment Therapy launched our green home site, Re-Nest, back in 2007, people were already tuned into the transformative potential of green design, but there were very few sites that focused solely on the home. We saw an opportunity to fill that niche, and this year, in particular, Re-Nest has seen a major increase in traffic and posting. The number of green home tours — the site's most popular feature — is up to 2-3 a week, which I'm really excited about. It's always been part of the Apartment Therapy mission to share ideas from real homes, and these green tours are especially relevant for folks who want to figure out how to make their living spaces healthier. The homes that re-nest covers are diverse in style and substance. Some are great examples of modern, energy-efficient homes; others are full of vintage and recycled furnishings. I love the mix and I love the idea that there are many ways to go green. Here are a few of the best tours from recent weeks. Enjoy! Johnelle's Mignonne Maison Name: Johnelle Mancha (Founder of Mignonne Décor) Location: Oakland, California Green Elements/Initiatives: Vintage, repurposed, and recycled furnishings >> Samantha and Ron's Restorative Garden Name: Samantha and Ron Location: Dane County, Wisconsin Green elements/initiatives: Reclaimed lumber and metal structures, salvaged brick pavers, local boulders and stones, leftover nursery plants >> Jacob and Caitlin's Green Mountain Manse Name: Jacob and Caitlin Glaser Location: Williston, Vermont Green Elements/Initiatives: Solar panel energy, local shopping, reuse, homegrown vegetables, and composting >> Nick and Rachel's Creative Warehouse Loft Name: Nick Cope and Rachel Mosler Location: Brooklyn, New York Green Elements/Initiatives: Salvaged furnishings, energy-efficient appliances, zero-VOC paint, and linseed oil trim >> Carol and Fred's Modern Eco Home Name: Carol Richard and Fred Berg Location: Madison, Wisconsin Green Elements/Initiatives: Platinum-level LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, native plantings, bioswales, solar panels that generate 60% of annual electric demand, leak-tight envelope, high-efficiency HVAC systems >> Lark & Patrick's Old-Time Homestead Name: Lark Roderigues and Patrick Aguiar Location: Portsmouth, Rhode Island Green Elements/Initiatives: Salvaged architectural details, reused furnishings, smaller water heater and more efficient thermostats, energy-efficient windows >> Rebecca's Vintage Brownstone Name: Rebecca Lyden Location: Brooklyn, New York Green Elements/Initiatives: Reuse, energy-efficient air systems, reclaimed kitchen materials, low-VOC paints, rainwater collection, solar panels >> Cesa's Recycled Home Name: Cesa Milton Location: North London Green Elements/Initiatives: Almost everything in the home is recycled/reused >> Laura and Andrew's Park-Side Modern Name: Laura, Andrew, and Gaia Braman-Wanek Location: Madison, Wisconsin Green Elements/Initiatives: Panelized construction, BIBS insulation, Energy Star windows and appliances, energy-efficient lighting, recycled glass tile, low-flow plumbing fixtures, low-VOC paints >> Paul and Lisa's Green Dream Home Name: Paul Gleicher and Lisa Sharkey, Gleicher Design Group Location: Manhattan, New York Green Elements/Initatives: Brooklyn-based recycled IceStone counters, lyptus hardwood flooring, organic cotton and recycled fabrics, locally made furniture, GoodWeave certified rugs, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, no-VOC paints
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