Green Idea: Carpet Laptop Bag When Cardboard Isn't Soft Enough

Green Idea: Carpet Laptop Bag When Cardboard Isn't Soft Enough

Range Govindan
Apr 21, 2009

So, you've got your new laptop and you want to find the perfect storage solution. Something that will let you take your baby around town, without hampering your style. You've also decided not to buy a rigid case, since they get heavy pretty quickly. Why not try your hand at some more bags made out of sustainable materials? They are great looking and usually not too expensive.

We recently featured a laptop bag made out of corrugated cardboard. We also featured a bunch of guides for you to create your own cardboard laptop case. But what happens when cardboard isn't soft enough and you still want a sustainable solution? Fear not, the LappyGlove is here. LappyGlove was designed by Russel Dow from Studio 369 for the AmpleSample Design Competition.

LappyGlove is basically made out of recycled and repurposed carpet. The reason why it's called a glove is because your laptop fits in it like a glove, sliding in from one side. From the design, it looks like the pressure of the handles should be enough to keep your laptop from sliding out, but I'd prefer to had a few extra safety features, so that it's 100% safe. We wouldn't want that new computer falling to the ground while you're hurrying around the city. The design is simple enough for anyone to try their hand at this with a little DIY-skills. All you need is an old carpet and a sewing machine that candle handle tough fabric. You could also sew it by hand. I think that this bag looks really nice and it would work pretty well around town. If you aren't into the whole DIY thing, then you could also check out Etsy. There are some nice bags that are made out of carpet and other sustainable materials. [via core77, images by Russel Dow]

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