Green Idea: Envirosax Reusable Grocery Bags

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Wow! Are these bags not gorgeous?! Who knew that living green could look so good?

Envirosax, an eco-friendly Australian company, wants us to know a few things about our plastic grocery bags. They claim that 380 billion plastic bags are used in the USA every year and only 1-2% of those bags are recycled. That means our landfills are clogging up with...way too many plastic bags.

Luckily, Envirosax is providing us with, not a true solution, but "a move in the right direction."

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The bags are sold either individually for $8 each or as a 5-bag series (complete with a handy carry-all pouch) for $35. They're lightweight and waterproof (we're guessing nylon) and are reinforced to handle the same amount of groceries as two regular-sized disposable bags.

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We love the flora series (seen at top) and the more masculine monochromatic series (black and white). Our favorite single bag, however, is the Amazonia #4 (at right). A bag this pretty deserves to carry a lot more than just milk and eggs.

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