Green Idea - Faux Grass Sheepskin Rug

Green Idea - Faux Grass Sheepskin Rug

Jenny Butler
Feb 3, 2009

The weather in Melbourne over the past 10 days has been unbearably hot. With 3 days in a row being over 43ºC [or 109ºF] and the remaining days only slightly cooler, we’ve been sadly watching the remaining green grass turn to crispy crunchy brown. Yesterday we stumbled across this faux grass sheepskin rug as a vegetarian friendly decor alternative and rounded up some great AT rooms that we can see this working in.

All of the below AT rooms already have sheepskin rugs and we would enjoy seeing these spaces with a splash of grass green too.

The Faux Grass Sheepskin Rug is available from Etsy seller Luxford St and is made from 2 inch artificial grass and the underside is pool table felt.
Do you love this vegetarian friendly decor or do you prefer your grass to be kept outside?

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