Rock'n'Roll Shelves by ReturDesign

Rock'n'Roll Shelves by ReturDesign

Heather Blaha
Sep 19, 2006

These Swedish eco-shelves are made from sourced paperboard rolls, then adhered together with velcro. Cool that you can configure the shelving how you like, and apparently "people in Sweden use common hooks or angles and screws. It works fine being glued directly to the wall too."

We can imagine some rock'n'roll kid, especially, loving these for all of his/her randomness. We'd use them for towels, linens, and t.p. The main source for these shelves is UK-based Nigel's Eco Store, where a set of five rolls costs approximately $376.

Treehugger blogged these rollers back in 2005, saying they were available for $195 from Vivavi. The availability and pricing might be over, though, as we can't seem to find them stateside now.

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