Green Ideas: Recycled Wrapping

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Has anyone noticed how expensive wrapping paper can be? Sometimes you think you're getting a good deal until you notice that the roll has about three feet of paper on it. We've been looking around for less expensive wrapping options and, as a bonus, they just happen to be pretty green.

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Brown paper packages tied up in string (and ribbon) sounds good to us and looks pretty darn good, too. This wrapping by Brown Pen shows that plain and simple can be quite beautiful.

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As if we're not inundated enough by catalogs throughout the year it seems to amp up before the holidays. Before putting them in the recycling bin, leaf through and remove pages that appeal to you for wrapping. It looks like this one, spotted at Curbly, is a colorful page from a JCrew catalog and even includes a cute bow.

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This photo is like an "I spy" game. I spy four green holiday ideas here by Danny Seo: graph paper snowflakes, office paper wrapping, bows from old vhs tape and a styrofoam garland. Now that's a one-two (three-four) green punch!

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Now that a Trader Joe's has moved into our neighborhood, we can take advantage of this great idea of resuing their sturdy, holiday themed paper bags for gift tags. This idea by Katie of ink and post was highlighted on Design Sponge recently. If you're not near a TJ's - look around at the paper bags you already have. You might be surprised to find some nice designs. Or turn them inside out, use them as wrapping and do some rubber stamping or drawing to embellish them.

Do you have a great green wrapping idea? Share it in the comments.

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