Green Made Easy: Recycle Your Dell at Staples

Green Made Easy: Recycle Your Dell at Staples

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 20, 2008

This is really good news. We are the proud owners of a Dell laptop that has been dying a slow, painful death for the last year and a half. It's been hard to watch as the little guy wheezes and groans through his final days. We'll see if we can squeeze a few more good months out of it ... but then what?

What do you do with a semi-useless laptop? There are electronic recycling services -- and we've had good luck with our local e-recycling providers. But that's not an option everywhere.

Luckily -- and we just learned this today -- Dell has teamed up with Staples to provide free recycling of any Dell product. This is super convenient for us. We have a Staples less than three miles away -- which is probably pretty common.

There are 1500 Staples across the country.

We're thrilled because when this guy (who we're lovingly click-clacking away on right this moment) bites the dust, we're happy to know he'll be put to good use again in some other form.

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