Green Maps for Greener Travel

Green Maps for Greener Travel

Want to travel environmentally but don't know where to go? We've posted before about Green Maps of Chicago Neighborhoods, but what about green maps for the rest of the world?

The Green Maps System is a one-stop shop that provides maps of environmental and cultural resources from all over the world. Mapmakers have uploaded hundreds of maps for over 50 different countries that chart their community's natural, cultural and green living resources as a guide for local residents and tourists. The maps are searchable by continent, or theme such as culture, ecotourism getting around, and green living. These maps highlight a community or city's sustainable resource such as farmer's markets, gardens and wildlife, bike paths, healthy dining, recycling centers and green businesses. The maps even identify places to avoid such as toxic wastes sites, nuclear facilities, poor labor practices, and prisons!

Green Map is currently developing Open Green Maps, a social mapping website that works much like Google Maps. People can add green sites, photos, video and information about current activities at a green site.

Next time you're planning a vacation, or even a staycation checkout Greenmaps and download a PDF of the city you'd like to eco explore.

Images from Green Map

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