Green Mountain Ski Chair

Green Mountain Ski Chair

Stephanie Kinnear
Jan 31, 2008

In general, we really like furniture made from recycled materials (especially outdoor furniture).

And, well, we've had a lot of rain recently -- which means that a couple hours away at Lake Tahoe, there's a lot of snow. We really love snowboarding, but for one reason or another we don't get to go very often. If we actually owned skis or snowboards, they would be collecting dust in the basement ...

Maybe we'd send them off to Green Mountain Ski Chair ...

They take recycled skis and snowboards and turn them into chairs, table, benches, and a whole variety of other things.

While these chairs aren't necessarily our style (remember, we're only wannabe snowboarders), we think it's a cool concept and that there's definitely a market for them. Wouldn't they'd look great on the back porch of a cabin?

via Great Green Goods

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