Green on the Inside: Eco Consulting For Your Space

Green on the Inside: Eco Consulting For Your Space

Kyle Freeman
Jul 25, 2008

Does Apartment Therapy's July theme of "Green @ Home" have you finally thinking about how to eco-fy your home and life a bit? At the same time, do you feel daunted by the dizzying onslaught of eco information, services, and products that have flooded the marketplace in recent months? To help you make sense of the madness, you may want to check out Jess Lerner's Green on the Inside…

We met Jess at Boston's spring Down to Earth expo and we were impressed with her enthusiasm. Her business, Green on the Inside, can help you identify, prioritize and implement your green goals for your home or office space through evaluation, consultation, research, and education.

Services include helping you switch to toxin-free cleaning and personal care products; choose eco materials for furniture, carpets, and building materials; and find ways to improve your space's energy efficiency.

Do you feel like you could you use a hand transitioning to greener living?

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