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We're always happy to see giant chain stores put some effort forth to up their green inventory. So, imagine how pleasantly surprised we were when we stumbled upon one of Macy's Special Shops, called 'Organic. Live Green'.
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Unfortunately for us (and for Macy's), the individual product page's don't always list what green aspects each item has (like these awesome goblets). These Libbey Nova Black Goblets are Sale $16.99 for a set of 4. More information here.
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These are the Martha Stewart Collection GreenPan Cookware collection (all nonstick), and they are free of Teflon. The prices range from $19.99 to $39.99
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Love, love, love this rug from Calvin Klein. From Macy's:

"Fluid and eco-friendly, the Calvin Klein Organic Weave rug is hand-woven by skilled artisans from around the world. Supporting hundreds of remote villages and farming communities, this stirring collection employs thousands of people worldwide, and uses only all-natural, reusable organic materials to bring a truly one-of-kind look to your home."

Prices start at $980 (for a 4x6).

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From Macy's:

• Made of 100% natural raffia palm thread with organic dye
• Hand-woven in Rwanda using traditional coil sewing techniques
• Plant-based fibers with natural preservatives mean no chemical processing is required

$60 and available here.

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