Green Room by Ontwerpduo

Green Room by Ontwerpduo

Sarah Coffey
Feb 24, 2009

We love the work of Dutch design firm Ontwerpduo, particularly because of the way they take old things and combine them in new ways. Checking in with them online, we discovered this green bedroom designed for an empty house that was turned into an exhibition space...

The "green room" utilizes furniture and products designed by Ontwerpduo: their something old something new bag, their dot pause and shift stools, and their neighbird bird house.

The room synthesizes the elements of an old fashioned bedroom with a palette of greens and browns.

Objects that seem like they came from a thrift store are combined with newer custom designs. The result is a room that seems to exist somewhere between the past and the present.

The project presents an interesting approach to decorating. The simplified scheme and color palette form the basis of relationships between vintage and contemporary objects.

For more photos and information from Ontwerpduo, click here.

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