Green Stocking Stuffer: To-Go Ware Utensil Set

Banish disposable utensils and give the gift of conserving. To-Go Ware Utensils are made of bamboo, and come with a holder made entirely of recycled, discarded plastic bags. The utensil set prevents the unnecessary use of plastic cutlery – just use, wash and put back into your bag for your next outing.

Not only are the To-Go Ware products eco-friendly, but also the utensil holders are made by companies with a cause. The recycled plastic holders are produced by CONSERVE, an NGO project in Delhi. CONSERVE employs scavengers to collect discarded plastic bags and repurposes them into new products. The fabric utensil holders are produced by WEAVE, a women's cooperative on the Thai-Burma border.

To-Go Ware products can be found at Whole Foods and online. The Bamboo Flatware sets are $7.50, or $19.95 with the holder. Right now 2-pack sets are on sale for $36. To-Go Ware also makes Stainless Steel Food Containers for $4.95-$20 and Carrier Sling Bags for $19.95.