Green Style: BDDW's Phila Audio Stereo Systems

Green Style: BDDW's Phila Audio Stereo Systems

Gregory Han
May 20, 2009
Tyler Hays from BDDW has been experimenting more and more with analog audio systems combined with the style furniture he's known for: handmade, high quality ingredients and playful juxtapositions. More pics and info below the jump...

This stereo system is mounted on a huge piece of marble on top of an old piece of machinery. The wood and leather turn table runs off of a motor connects to a receiver on the left and then runs to two huge speakers on either side (the plywood versions that you see are prototypes).

The ingredients are a combination of totally unique woodwork and high quality parts. Tyler's even started a company to make or design the audio parts: Phila Audio. There's not much of a website there, but they've got a few pics and a cool logo.

>> Phila Audio

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