The Ting Sling: A Recycled Seatbelt Hammock

The Ting Sling: A Recycled Seatbelt Hammock

Amber Byfield
May 12, 2009


Summer is approaching quickly, and that means long nights on the back porch, armed with cool drinks and good books. What better way to soak it all in than low-slung in a hammock? And what could make a cooler style statement (and give off many eco-chic vibes) than one made with recycled seatbelts? The Ting Sling, from the same company that brought us those spectacular belt floor tiles, does just that...

The Ting Sling is hand-woven from reclaimed seatbelts, and is available in a variety of awesome colors that can blend into your space or pop out of the woodwork.

We especially like the black-and-white checkered possibility. This one definitely goes on the green items wish list.

What do you think?

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