Green Terrazzo? Trend Q Engineered Stone

Green Terrazzo? Trend Q Engineered Stone

Jonathan B.
May 28, 2008

Terrazzo is a favorite surface of many modernists, but its environmental qualities leave a lot to be desired. Sure, it's durable, but that comes at the cost of a formulation that's essentially toxic epoxy resin cured on site. Trend Q looks like a viable alternative to terrazzo, with a much greener profile.

Most of the colors are about 9/10 aggregate, held together by a base of plastic resin. The aggregate in many of the colors is post-consumer recycled—in amounts up to 72%. That's impressive.

The thickness of the tiles is only 1/4", which means they can be used as a veneer over existing surfaces, such as countertops, that are strong enough to hold tile. The company points out this can help to reduce waste in renovations.

Check out the Trend website for more information and colors... but turn down your speakers first!
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