Simple Green Tip: Clean Your Counters With a Paintbrush

Simple Green Tip: Clean Your Counters With a Paintbrush

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 29, 2008

Full disclosure: We stole this idea from one of our favorite breakfast places in the East Bay. We like to give credit where credit is due: So, Homemade Cafe, thanks for this one!

Last Saturday, while scarfing down a stack of blueberry pancakes, we noticed something sort of interesting. We were seated about 3 feet from where the servers were cranking out espresso drinks -- and, every time they were done making one, they took a medium-sized paintbrush and swept off the counter.

A light bulb flicked on in my brain. We've been living (mostly) without paper towels for about six months now and it's been fine. But, sometimes, cleaning the counter without a paper towel can be a pain.

However, the two main culprits dirtying our counter these days are breakfast remnants -- coffee grounds and toast crumbs.

Well, as soon as we got home we grabbed a paint brush (leftover from when we painted our bathroom) and got to sweeping. It works wonders and is a bit more convenient than using a rag every time we scatter coffee grounds across the counter.

So, if you have an unused paint brush laying around, we recommend this new cleaning strategy.

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