Green Tip: Ditch the Antibacterial Hand Soap

Green Tip: Ditch the Antibacterial Hand Soap

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 12, 2008

You've probably heard this already, but that antibacterial hand soap in your bathroom (not to mention the hand sanitizer you carry around in your purse) might not be that good for you after all.

As it turns out, it might be better for us to just live with a few germs than douse our hands in triclosan, the chemical that kills all that bacteria.

We just got a little reminder from Plenty magazine: As for triclosan, The American Medical Association, U.S. Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and many scientists are concerned that it is contributing to the spread of antiobiotic-resistant bacteria, and recommend washing hands and household surfaces with plain soap and water, instead.

The Method hand-soap we use is not antibacterial, in fact, it's triclosan-free and we love the way it smells. And, we recently bought one of Method's huge hand wash refills, so we shouldn't run out anytime soon.

Get the whole story at Plenty.

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