Green Idea: Native Plants

Green Idea: Native Plants

Sarah Coffey
Jun 22, 2007

Green Gardening seems like a redundant idea, but the landscaping industry isn't always eco-friendly. Conscious Choice magazine published a recent article stating that the average American spends 60 percent of their water on lawn care, and power-mowers and leaf-blowers burn through 800 million gallons of gas annually.

One of CC's suggestions for keeping your garden green: Go native. Even if you only have a container garden on your deck, native plants require less water and attract birds and butterflies.

We took their advice and visited the EPA's webpage for Landscaping With Native Plants...

The page is text-heavy and a little difficult to navigate, but loaded with valuable information. The site is specific to the Great Lakes Region, and you can download PDFs listing native plants here.

The list includes:

• Black-eyed Susan (shown above)
• New England Aster
• Heath Aster
• Butterfly Weed
• Daisy Fleabane
• Sneezeweed
• Turk's Cap Lily
• Purple Coneflower
• Blazing Star
• Sawtooth Sunflower
• Purple Coneflower
• Prairie Violet
• Culvers Root

What's in your garden? Any locally grown recommendations?

Image from the Illinois State Museum.

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