Green Tip: Learn a New Skill

Green Tip: Learn a New Skill

Amber Byfield
Feb 24, 2009

02_24_09_sewing.jpgThe DIY bug in the air this month is definitely taking hold of us. But for a number of our recent DIY ideas at home, we're going to need a new skill: sewing. While we're big fans of these no-sew cloth napkins, we want to be able to sew little produce bags for the grocery store, curtains, clothes, organic cotton pillowcases...

...So we're up for the challenge that up until this point has been rather intimidating (we missed out on home ec in high school, and nobody at home was big on the sewing), because we know that acquiring this skill has the potential to make us more green.

Have you ever learned a new skill so that you can lessen your footprint? Tell us about it!

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