Organic Crib Mattress

Organic Crib Mattress

Jul 24, 2007

It is easy to overlook a crib mattress. They don't add to the style of your nursery, and for the most part are covered by great baby linens. But if you are thinking about making your world a little greener, your crib mattress might not be a bad place to start.

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Crib mattresses from The Organic Mattress Store start with a core made of 100% pure rubber (as opposed to synthetic) latex, making them hypoallergenic and mildew-free. This rubber core is then surrounded by layers of organic cotton pads, followed by a layer of quilted organic cotton and Pure Grow Wool. The mattress cover is also certified organic cotton fabric. Rubbercore organic crib mattress are $360.00.

Although it may seem sometimes like babies never sleep, when they finally do close their eyes, an organic crib mattress offers them a safe and comfortable place to rest.

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