Green Tip: Save the World Through Your Computer

Green Tip: Save the World Through Your Computer

Mar 9, 2007

Bite--or byte--sized ways to save the world brought to you by your computer, via Use the love you have for your computer to offset the emissions from the electricity powering your computer by registering online to receive one realistic tip each weekday.

With over 85,000 "biters" receiving their emails, this is one email that can really make a difference off-line as well as on--and declutter your life along the way with their tips. If the peace of a de-cluttered life isn't enough to motivate you to change your ways, hopefully these "bites" will.

One tip by led to over 11,500 people removing their names from junk mail lists, saving, according to their estimations, over 393,000 pounds of paper from the landfill (and that's not also considering the resources that would be used to produce and print that paper).

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