Green Works Cleaners by Clorox

Green Works Cleaners by Clorox

Janel Laban
Jan 31, 2008

Clorox just unveiled Green Works, a new line of cleaning products that are safer for both us and the environment. Clorox started research on this line, which includes products for all-purpose, toilet bowl, dilution, bathroom, and glass & surface cleaning, over five years ago -- Clorox isn't just buying into the recent green trend. Yet, they do admit that they're not quite 100%.

According to Clorox, all of the Green Works products are at least 99% natural. In some cases, they haven't been able to get rid of artificial ingredients, like coloring and preservatives. They also haven't been able to figure out how to make these products natural disinfectants.

Even though they're still working toward 100% all-natural, they do state that the current Green Works line of cleaners are made from renewable resources, are biodegradable, and free of petroleum-based chemicals.

Has anyone test-scrubbed these new eco-friendlier cleaners?

Originally posted by Jessica on AT: Chicago.

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