Greenblue: A Nonprofit That is Thinking About Us

Cradle to grave approach is replaced by cradle to cradle. I first ran across the Architect, Bill McDonough, seven years ago on a tape that a friend loaned me (the article based on that lecture). Simply put, it changed the way I though about technology and the environment. Deeply concerned about how we live and what we make and build, and what impact it all has on our natural world, Mcdonough has been able to synthesize the best environmental thinking into a hugely optimistic (and challenging) project that has been practiced in his firm, MBDC, articulated in his book, Cradle to Cradle, and now researched and taught further in this new non-profit, Greenblue. Example: due to MBDC's work with Interface, their Flor carpet tiles are largely made of recyled materials, and are designed to be less wasteful since they can be replaced individually as well as shipped back to Interface for full recyling at the end of their use. Example: Greenblue recently formed the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC), a collection of packaging professionals who are developing an industry-wide environmental vision. Members include ALCOA, Coca-Cola, Nike and more than a dozen others. As city dwellers, with a huge hunger for the freshness of the natural world, I believe that these are just the sorts of initiatives that will interest and benefit us in the years ahead. And we will keep our finger on it for you. MGR