Greening Our Garden
Jonathan B.
Jun 16, 2008

We're moving into a new house with a yard. Gardening is new and exciting. There´s a drought. What´s the green thing to do?

And after the jump: Stephanie finds new, good glass food storage containers; we find ways to stay cool without switching on the AC; and we wonder about a new British washing machine that promises to use only one cup of water.


We´re looking for replacements for semi-disposable plastic food storage. Stephanie´s found a good contender in these Snapware Glass Lock containers.

AC can be a blessing, but most of the time we stay cool without using all that energy.

Scientists in the UK have developed a washing machine that uses only 1 cup of water to clean clothes... the catch is that it also uses 40 pounds of reusable plastic chips. It saves water, but is it progress?

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