Greta's Warm Sophisticated Space

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Name: Greta
Location: Spanish Fork, Utah

When we moved into our home our daughter's room was in bad shape—stenciled borders, bad carpet, and dirty walls. We changed everything but the size.

Greta's room is small, so we filled the space with a vintage "princess" bed and maximized her closet storage because we knew we wouldn't have room for a dresser in the main space. Greta is too young/active/curious for a nightstand or lamp right now, but as she gets older, we'd love to outfit the room with that too. 

The room took four months to complete, and now we are so happy our girl has a beautiful room that makes her (and us) happy. It's warm and playful and calm and fitting for Greta-the-great. 

Thanks, Chris and Julia! You can see more of the space at their blog, Chris Loves Julia.

(Images: Andrea Bradley/DoublClik)


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