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Lancaster, PA
Inspiration for my palette:
I’ve always viewed the home as a symbolic extension of the body, and so for me the only natural color for the living room, being the heartbeat of the structure is Red… the hearth and heart-fire color of life. Our home also sits up high in the treetops, with lots of windows so I enjoy the natural spectrum play of the green trees to the red walls.
Colors used in my room:
Because the red is so bold, it is rooted with the deep soil-colored browns of the leather and wood creating a warm, vibrant mood and it’s lightened by the whites and creams of the rugs, trims and ceiling and enhanced by the rainbow spectrum pillows, throws and décor that inform the color choices for the several adjoining rooms for a natural and interesting color flow throughout the home.
Tips for using color successfully:
Color vibrations communicate directly with the spirit and evoke unique feelings in each individual differently. I think the best advice for color is to first choose the mood and feeling you want to have in the room and then describe it to yourself using the super-fun nonverbal communication of color and décor! You can never go wrong if you first please yourself and are true to your own ideas…. the room with sincerity and individuality is the room that speaks and tells a story.
Heart Fire