Winter is upon us, and with the cold weather often come cloudy, overcast days. These rooms embrace the silvery grey hues and turn them into lovely foundations for decor.
  1. These matte grey shelves add some calm to a large record collection, via House To Home.
  2. Hillary Swank's home, as seen in Elle Decor, is full of bright silvery tones creating a lovely muted palette.
  3. A wall in medium gray really allows artwork to pop. Seen on 2Modern.
  4. Door Sixteen knows a good black and white color palette when she sees one, and this silvery white living room is no exception.
  5. House To Home illustrates how a dark grey wall is a perfect backdrop for a dramatic burst of color.
  6. This room is cozy and welcoming, and would really sing with a few colorful accents. Via Wuoohniture.
  7. This room feels like freshly fallen show when the sun comes back out! These silvery hues are seen in Lonny.
  8. Dark grey inside and light grey out. Martha Stewart shows us a beautiful use of multiple shades of grey.
  9. The lightest grey with bright white trim is a crisp, simple, and clean palette for any room---especially an entryway. Seen in Rue.
  10. This home brings the grey down to the floors. Via NordicDesign, who found it on Desire to Inspire!

Images: As credited above.