Greyscale Tool Converts Websites Into Newspapers For Improved Focus

I was amongst the last generation who grew up during the widespread era of newspapers, and one thing I miss besides the tactile quality of the daily paper is the easy legibility of printed monochrome ink, much easier on the eyes than staring and reading an illuminated screen. Grayscale Tool by Emanuel Malmquist is a Chrome extension that can bring a little bit of yesterday's newspaper aesthetic and legibility to your browser experience...

Sometimes even impressively visual sites like Polygon (above) read better toned down, with all the photos and all the myriad of tiny colored graphics hushed at the press of Shift+G with the Greyscale Tool extension installed. The extension is absolutely free, and perhaps it's completely psychological, but using the monochrome converting tool in the evening before sleep (in conjunction with F.lux) seemed to help prevent monitor-induced insomnia.

Via CNet

(Images: screencaps - Gregory Han)G