(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Mention the word "spreadsheet" and my immediate response is first ,"YAWWWN", then "please get that away from me". For is there anything that induces instant gravitational downward force upon the eyelids than the typical Excel spreadsheet? App developer Josh Leong is looking to change the spreadsheet experience to something more intuitive...dare I say, even fun to use.

At the heart of the GRID spreadsheet app is the Maestro user interface, a much more robust cousin of Windows Phone's live tiles, where each box can be customized with data, photos, and even embedded maps. Each tile can be further enlarged to accommodate for larger amounts of information (their example, a map for a group camping trip) and also the ability to customize font and colors for easier readability. Further, GRID is planned to work for both the iPhone and iPad, with collaboration tools built-in via texting or email.

Developer Josh Leong comes with a solid pedigree of experience as a designer for Microsoft Excel 2013, and his beta sheds much of the excess options inherent in the modern day spreadsheet application which make them the software equivalent of Ambien, proposing a a user experience intuitive for touch displays and quick project creation. Of course, his demo video benefits from showcasing a camping vacation, rather than something more mundane as data entry for monthly expenditures. But even so, if you're a serious iPad user with a knack for planning, this could pan out to be the superior option to both Google Docs or Numbers for iPad if "quick and simple" is how you like to roll.

GRID is currently accepting sign-up for early adopters via their website, without word yet on pricing (or availability for Android users).