Griffin's Evolve iPod Wireless Speakers

Griffin's Evolve iPod Wireless Speakers

Mar 16, 2007

Great sounding speakers aren't known for being portable, but either the cost of wiring your entire place with speakers or the need (or at least the serious want) for music in a place you normally don't have it can make you wish for another option. Enter the Griffin Evolve.

When you want the music to move with you, take the rechargeable speakers off the base any where you'd like, within 150 feet, and you're golden.

Each battery lasts 10 hours, so feel free to party all night on the patio or take the speakers with you from room to room as you spring clean your place.

Even the remote looks iPod-ish, and the whole set up is sleek. At $350 for the Evolve, we hope the sound will be quality, though because the product hasn't been released yet, we'll have to see. Sign up on to be notified when the Evolve is available for purchase.

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