The Grill Extremis

The Grill Extremis

Jun 11, 2007

In this pre-Fathers' Day moment we've been seeing a lot of the outdoor SUV grill. Big, fancy, engine-like contraptions that run on gas, require a large yard, and seem to shout: "I cook like a man."

Enter Extempore, the makers of the elegant Grill Extremis. They were obviously going for something radically different -- and succeeded by harking back to a more traditional moment in grilling history: charcoal.

This beautifully streamlined outdoor stove is made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum, and slatted jotoba wood, and has all the basics: a cover, a warmer, and a place to hang utensils.

We like that Extempore considered party dynamics, too: the Extremis snugs up against Extempore's jotoba outdoor table, creating one continuous, congenial cooking and dining space. The chef can be stationed at the head of the table rather than off in a lonely corner of the yard.

$4857, here.

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