Ground Control To Major Cool

Ground Control To Major Cool

Richard Popovic
Aug 30, 2011

I started my daughter's musical education early, and for reasons of pure music snobbery I wanted to start it on vinyl. As a result, the first few months of her life were full of old tracks from my record collection, one of which was David Bowie's 'Space Oddity.' For some reason, that song stuck and I played it for her often, both off the album and our very own special in-house solo acoustic version. While not a kids' song, it has become my kid's song, so you can imagine my excitement when I found a concept picture book based on Major Tom's adventure.

I thank Daddytypes for cluing me in to this little gem. Illustrator Andrew Kolb of Kolbisneat decided to create a picture book based on the classic Bowie song and is offering it up as a free download. Since the project was undertaken without Mr. Bowie's permission Andrew is encouraging people to get it before any legal action is taken against him. But it would be a shame for this book to disappear without a bit of fanfare.

The period-perfect artwork is inspired and uplifting, which makes it all the more poignant when things begin to unravel for Major Tom at the end. Even if the song is not a staple of your household, any child with an interest in space, astronauts or rocket ships will undoubtedly find these pictures compelling.

(Images:Andrew Kolb)

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