Guaranteed Green Thumb: Self Watering Planters

Guaranteed Green Thumb: Self Watering Planters

Jess Watson
Jun 14, 2010

I am envious of those who maintain homes full of lush plants, who dedicate their Sunday mornings to watering said plants and who provide them with love and attention. I am not one of those people. I wish I were, but I always forget about my plants and well, my plants always die. But thanks to these planters, I can pretend to join their ranks.

Now, I realize that these planters still need to be watered once or twice per month, but that's what my husband is for! Here is a roundup of planters that just might turn my black thumb green:


1 - The Grobal Self-Watering Planter, designed by Karim Rashid, has a reservoir and a small window that reveals water levels. The planter is available in two sizes and nine colors from the A+R Store for $15 - $25.

2 - Lechuza is known for its modern planters with their handy sub-irrigation systems. Measuring 16 inches wide, this Windowsill Planter is available in eight colors from the Lechuza Online Store for $34.95.

3 - The Eva Solo Self Watering Pot consists of a ceramic pot atop frosted glass base and uses nylon wicks to draw water from the base to the pot. The pot is available in a matte white finish from Grounded for $55.99.

4 - The Sky Planter by Patrick Morris for Boskke is a ceramic hanging planter that requires less water and less frequent waterings. Available is two styles and three sizes, the Sky Planter is available from Unica Home for $25 - $75.

5 - These two attractive and affordable self-watering planters are from IKEA. The Nektarin planter, designed by Eva Sjödin, on the left is available in dark gray and white for $9.99. On the right, the IKEA PS Fejö, designed by Thomas Sandell, is available in black and white for $19.99.

If you'd rather take a hands on approach to self watering planters, read How to Build an Upside Down Self Watering Planter to make your own a la the Sky Planter.

Image: bottom image via Instructables

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