Guerilla Gardening

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We hadn't even heard of guerilla gardening before reading Heavy Petal's A brief history of the seed ball. That opened a whole world of resources on the subject:

• By guerilla gardening, Liz Christy and the Green Guerillas formed the Liz Christy Garden in 1973. It's NYC's first community garden....

• Seed balls (or seed bombs, earth dumplings) are often used by guerilla gardeners in reclaiming derelict land in their neighborhoods. Find out how to make them at Path to Freedom. Or see this Green Guerillas Fact Sheet.

• Seed balls were pioneered by Japanese microbiologist Masanobu Fukuoka.

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We found all of this fascinating and thought you might, too. And somehow the stories of guerilla gardeners working so hard to improve unused lots made us feel more passionate and energized about our personal gardening projects at home.

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