Guess the Decade: Entrance Hall - The Answer

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Yesterday we started a little guessing game based on this entrance hall...Guess the Decade.

Unless you've seen the original source of the photos, it was a tough one - lots of late 20th c. design "clues" at work here.

And the correct answer is....

Now. It's the entry way to a Manhattan Duplex designed by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts, featured in the October 2007 issue of House & Garden.

The results of the survey we took are a pretty close to 50/50 spread between "now" and the "eighties". The "sixties", "seventies" and "nineties" all were well represented as well, garnering around 25 votes each.

Here are a few more photos of the space as a reward for all your hard design decade detective work....

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Living Room

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Family Room

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Check out the full slideshow at House & Garden.

All Photos by Pascal Chevallier via House&Garden and Haynes-Roberts