Guess the Decade: Compact Kitchen - The Answer

Guess the Decade: Compact Kitchen - The Answer

Janel Laban
Mar 11, 2009

So, let's see. Gold kitchen, check. Ethnic art, check. Fresh veggies, check. All of this added up to a particular decade for the majority of the players yesterday....

(Click here to guess first - then jump below for the answer and another photo)

The decade that got the most votes in our current round of "Guess the Decade" was the 70s...but this time around the majority didn't win.

We found the compact kitchen in a House Beautiful article all about an "Old Kitchen with New Ideas". The kitchen originally appeared in HB in the April 1960 issue.

82 of you voted for the seventies, but the 57 readers who chose the 60s got it right for this round. The 50s was a distant third with only 17 votes and 11 votes went to the 80's. Hardly anyone guessed the 40s, 90s or Now - each of those decades got only a single vote each.

A few interesting comments from yesterday's thread:

early '60s, the ethnic touch moved to the kitchen - plch

I'm guessing 1960s since my kitchen (built in the '60s and never remodeled) is that exact shade. My countertops and backsplash are the same yellow marbled formica as the cabinet fronts. - palindrome

I went with 50's based on the metal cabinetry, but I think many folks made good points about the other items in the room! I was thinking Bohemian artist's 50's New York apt... - LilyC

Regardless of when it's from, I feel sorry for the poor bugger who was forced to cook jammed into that little alcove with those shelves looming so close and just at the right height to konk your head on. - amed studio

....and PLEASE DON'T eat your design books Tania, you were close!

If it's not the 70s, I'm going to eat my entire collection of design books. This soooo reaks of my mother's kitchen. Garlic and onions in wire baskets - check. Wok - check. Brass mortar and pestle - yup. Beans in glass jars - aha. Lots o herbs n spices on display. Yep. Ethnic pots. Yaha. The toaster has that nice 70s square edge to it. The oven and bench look a little 60s to me coz of the curves but the brown feel of the lino is more 70s to me. - TaniaTingel

Thanks to all for playing along!

Photos: House Beautiful

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