Guess the Decade: Living Room - The Answer

Guess the Decade: Living Room - The Answer

Janel Laban
Mar 10, 2008

We began the most recent round of Guess the Decade on Friday with this photo of a living room. An extra tough one, it kept people guessing all weekend - now we'll reveal the (surprising) answer and more photos of the house...

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...which is featured in the current issue of Chicago Home - it is from now! The same designer worked on the living room in both 1985 and 1994, in addition to the current update, so some of the pieces have been kept over the three design renovations, making the dating of this room extra challenging (and fun!).

It is the living room from a recent update of a classic 1950's ranch in Winnetka. Architect Tom Schafer and designers Ann Kaplan and Bruce Goers took on the project. According to the article, issues with the older home that prompted the work were numerous: old, leaky pool, cramped spaces, out of date appliances, lack of storage, more windows - these all needed to be addressed without sacrificing the lines of the original home. We were pleased to read about a project that was all about improving on a good thing; respecting past work while moving forward.

This time around, the photo stumped the readers (for a change!) - 121 of you voted 80's making it the lead decade by far in our survey, which was the decade we would have guessed. It was followed by the 90's with 81 votes. The 70's just about tied with NOW - with about 60 votes each, meaning that twice as many readers voted 80's. The 60's took 5th place with 25 votes, followed by a handful of votes for the 50's and in last place, the 40's.

Thanks for playing along!

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