Guess the Decade: White Living Room - The Answer

(Apologies for the delayed answer this time around - this post got bumped out a day due to the busy contest posting schedule.)

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So, y'all think this is the Seventies (well the large majority of you anyway)...

(Click here to guess first - then jump below for the answer)

...and you are 100% right on the money.

From a 1970's Roche Bobois catalog, this photo has clues to the era (the fern, the electronics) but enough timeless pieces to make it "just possible" that it could be a later decade.

The Seventies won the vote with 166, followed by the sixties with 74 and the eighties with 54. NOW got a pretty decent number of votes, 38, with the nineties (10 votes), fifties (7) and forties (1) trailing far behind.

Here is what some of the commenters had to say:

I vote 70's aka the era of the giant boston fern. - Peacelily

I voted 70's, but after I realized you can choose Now, I think thats a good possibility too. So many styles are coming back that its so hard to tell!!-Kristineve

I can't tell if those are reel-cassette boxes, 8-tracks or DVDs along with the books in the wall unit. I'm sticking to '70s just because those pod-shapes scream SLEEPERS.-Elizabeth II

1976. Europe. Maybe germany?
The phono-equipment is from Braun.
The Couch could be quatrokonzept...?
The white furniture could be hülsta...?
- Andreas I.

If this room is anything other than "Now", I would say it has aged pretty well.
- Deepa

As always, thanks to all who played along!

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