Guess Which Musician Lives Here?

We're pretty sure these photos have made the rounds, but just in case this is your first time seeing 'em, take a look and then make a guess as to which celebrity calls this place home. "After I finally figured out how to behave, and how to dress, I wanted to get the next thing--my apartment--right," so says the owner of this home. Well, quite frankly, we're just impressed this guy has a Ryan McGinness piece hanging over his sofa. More photos after the jump...

OK, so the first few photos look a bit generic--perhaps even a bit reminiscent of last year's West Elm catalogue, especially with the orange and grey color combinations. This next photo is a dead give away:

Yes, it's John Mayer's newly decorated home (thanks to Armani/Casa's design team). Putting aside any opinions you have of the guy--we just endured an hour-long debate in the office--what do you think of his bachelor pad? To be honest, we're a bit disappointed--we were sort of hoping it would have a lot more personality and a lot less polish, perhaps something similar to the homes featured on The Selby. What say you?

(Images: Simon Upton for Elle Decor)