The Affordable Gulliver Crib in a Dozen Real Nurseries

Shopping for a crib? The Gulliver by IKEA is a perennial reader favorite for its price tag ($99/$149) and for its simple, clean lines which fit in with a range of decor styles. You can check it out in the showroom, but—even better— check it out here in a dozen real kids' rooms:
Gulliver in White, $99, IKEA
Gulliver in Birch, $149, IKEA
Trying to decide between the Gulliver and the Sniglar crib? Check out these real-life Sniglers and see which you prefer.

(Image credits: vjm.; Heather/Restless Oasis; reader Danielle; Lauryn Galloway; Sarah Hebenstreit; Ruby Jewel Studio; Alysha Findley; reader Dana M.; reader Leitia; Leslie Santarina; reader Laura; reader Jennifer)