Gus* New York

Gus* New York

Cambria Bold
Nov 26, 2008

Gus* is the Toronto-based furniture company making a name for itself in the States after years of working through US distributors from its Canadian base camp. This carefully-edited collection is not as flashy as its typical ICFF neighbors, but the pieces are solid with cool, clean designs perfectly scaled to NYC apartment living...

Gus* NY is the first stand-alone Gus* showroom in the USA, though they have a number of "Gus* Studio" store-in-stores at various retailers across the country.

Gus* carries handsome furniture staples with a streamlined but earthy modernism -- designs mostly created under the eye of David Podsiadlo, their in-house industrial designer.

Sofas run $1895-$2895. The turn-around time on custom pieces squarely beats industry average at closer to 3 to 4 weeks than the typical 8 to 12 weeks. Some pieces from their Essentials Collection are ready to ship in 7 to 10 days. They also sell a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous Eames chair: the Thompson chair, priced at the decidedly non-Eames $245.

They also carry non-Gus* lamps and chairs from Kartell, Area bedding, Zack stainless accessories and the work of artist Richard Des Jardins.

Originally reviewed by Maxwell patrick (the other one) on 4.27.07

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