Gutsy Table Makeover: When One Becomes Two

Recaptured Charm

Sometimes making the most out of what you have in order to avoid another trip to the store means getting a little creative. Would you have the guts to saw a table in half? It's the perfect for for this entry and will have you taking a second look at furniture that you thought had seen its end of days.

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Over at Recaptured Charm this old table was missing the hardware that held it together. It needed a makeover in the worst way. It was cut down, painted, legs attached and then mounted in the entryway of their home. Sure a long console could have been purchased, thrifted or even Craigslisted, but why when this find already on hand worked out perfectly? The break between the two tables gives the space a bit more dimension instead of it feeling like a long galley to the rest of the house.

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(Image: Beachy Charm)