Gym in a Box

Gym in a Box

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 22, 2007

Mom, can I go out and play?

Maybe we are out of touch but It seems that this question is not as common as it was when we were kids. The plethora of electronic babysitters around such as the computer, PSP and PS3 has lead to more time sitting around inside compared to riding a bike or playing in the park.

A recent study on 13-15 year old kids out of John Moores University in Liverpool however has shown that the Nintendo Wii is more bike riding than couch surfing.

Claims of increased heart rate and energy expenditure over a traditional console are obvious, but Professor Cable states that 1830 calories are burned a week which is 40% more than when using a traditional controller. South Beach Diet? How about the Wii workout plan?

Or we can just get out more.

via Spong


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