Gypsy Modular Startup: Ikea Meets Lego

We love finding new products, and there's nothing quite so new as a startup that's trying to get off the ground. Even better? A startup with cool kids' furniture and a design that, by their own admission, marries the aesthetics and functionality of Ikea and Lego.

The concept behind Gypsy Modular rests on interlocking furniture pieces that require no tools for assembly. The pieces use pressure, friction, and a unique design to slip together and stay put. Products are meant to be mixed, matched, and reconfigured: turn a chair into a bench, a desk into a shelf.

Gypsy Modular isn't quite up and running yet, and that's where interested consumers come in. Currently, the company is taking pre-orders through KickStarter. You choose a "pledge," which serves as a pre-order; if they get enough orders, the company can start production. If not, your credit card is never charged.

It's an opportunity to support innovative design for kids and, hopefully, get a great new product for your family.

Learn more at Gypsy Modular.

Via Design Milk.

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