Hack Your iPad 1 Case to Wake Up Your iPad 2

Hack Your iPad 1 Case to Wake Up Your iPad 2

Taryn Williford
Aug 23, 2011

The iPad Smart Cover is a nifty little invention that simultaneously protects your iPad 2's screen and wakes the iPad from sleep whenever it's lifted (f***ing magnets—how do they work?). But what if your iPad 2 cover of choice is a sleeve and not a smart flap? And what if you already have an awesome magnet-less iPad 1 sleeve? Well then you hack it to wake your iPad 2.

Yep, it's true. Hacking an older iPad sleeve to instantly wake and unlock the iPad 2 when you slide it out (the same way the smart cover does) is as easy as attaching a fridge magnet in just the right spot.

Wired's Gadget Lab lets you know how to do it, using a tweed iPad 1 sleeve, a cheap fridge magnet and some duct tape. Check out the tutorial here.

Of course, we hope your version will be a little more attractive than this. May we suggest a few improvements?

  • Switch out the fridge magnet for something thinner, like these small rare earth magnets. A pack of 10 is under $10 at Amazon.com.
  • Instead of taping it to your case, sew it on. Use this tutorial to fuse interfacing on both sides of your magnet (it's way easier than it sounds—the only tool you need is your clothes iron).

If you're in the opposite situation—with an iPad one and a semi-useless Smart Cover—Unplggd is still coming though for you. All you have to do is glue 4 small rare earth magnets to your iPad, like you see in this video. 'Effing magnets!

(Images: Charlie Sorrel for Wired, You Sew, Girl!)

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