(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Our sympathies go out to those of you who live with long-haired companions who commit the heinous crime of clogging the shower drains. Not only is it totally gross-looking, but it's probably in the top ten list of Worst Things About Living Together (right after "Puts empty carton of OJ back in fridge" and before "Forgets to replace the toilet paper roll").

We went on the hunt to find less-fugly looking hair traps; and while we found some nice, subtle metal drains to fit in our showers (such as this generic drain strainer from Aubochon Hardware), it seemed as though none of the metal boys are as effective as their plastic counterparts. So: designers of plastic hair catchers, hear our plea: how about some sleek hair traps that don't look like a big bubble of mushrooming white plastic threatening our drains?