Haku's Triple Threat Compact Home Office

Haku's Triple Threat Compact Home Office

Gregory Han
Apr 5, 2012

Name: Haku
Location: Tokyo, Japan

In a space which appears less than 7'x7', Tokyo college student Haku has built a cockpit of technology equipped with a wide array of computer equipment and audio components, complete with a trio of wraparound monitors (with a few vinyl collectibles for decorative sake). It's an impressive example of how utilizing storage above and beneath a desk can make the difference between cluttered and organized...

This is my latest setup after I moved into Tokyo. Due to the limited space and resources I had to work my way around throwing away this and that and adding a few things for my figures. So that the dust sweeping would be easier a lot of gadgets are hidden under the table. Since I'm still in college I have to keep some space for books and papers. The triple monitors is quite helpful when drawing illustrations.

Images: Haku via DecoMyPlace

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