Half & Half: 10 Examples of the Easy Paint Job That Makes Every Room Look Good

Half & Half: 10 Examples of the Easy Paint Job That Makes Every Room Look Good

Adrienne Breaux
May 1, 2015
(Image credit: homelife.com.au )

Looking for an easy way to add a little color to a room, play around with contrast and do it all in a way that will save time and use less paint than covering all the walls of a room? Try out the half and half painting trick, where you splash color in a controlled way on the top or bottom section of a room. Here are ten photos showing how fabulous this idea can make just about any room look.

And don't worry about trying to find the mathematical center of a wall — this look works anywhere you put the dividing line.

Pictured above: A pink a couple of color steps above pale lengthens the height of this bedroom and warms up the space right where it counts. Spotted on homelife.com.au.

(Image credit: Paper & Stitch)

A creative space is made even more colorful with a half and half mix of light blue and white. Spotted on Paper & Stitch.

This nursery goes a little more 60/40 with color, this time placing the color yellow on the top portion of the room. Via Petit & Small.

(Image credit: House to Home)

A bold and spicy red might be too much if it splashed all the way to the ceiling, but in this room spotted on House to Home, a less-than-half bottom band is just right.

(Image credit: Matt McElligott)

In Eden's Teal Treasure, teal creeps up the wall, meeting white before it hits the ceiling, making for an exciting space.

(Image credit: Pinecone Camp)

More pink in a bedroom spotted on Pinecone Camp.

(Image credit: vtwonen)

If black over the entire wall seems like too much, consider grounding a living room with some black on the bottom half of a room. Seen on vtwonen.

(Image credit: IKEA)

Kitchens also look great with a black bottom half. Via IKEA.

(Image credit: SF Girl By Bay)

Who says the contrast has to be insanely intense? A light gray working with white works well in an entryway spotted on SF Girl By Bay.

(Image credit: SF Girl By Bay)

Navy blue brings in half the drama in this bedroom vignette spotted on SF Girl By Bay.

Have you rocked the half and half look in a room before? Tell us what colors you went with!

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